We are proud to be the first business to offer a sensible alternative to impaired driving and O.U.I.’s in Portland, Maine!  Home Runners LLC was born out of the frustration that can ruin a good night out on the town. You can’t always have a designated driver with you and inevitably some night you will find yourself without one.
You can either:
1) Spend two hours walking around the city to sober up.
2) Pay for a taxi to take you home.
3) Decide you are sober and drive.
Decision #1 is good exercise. However, good exercise is not what you are looking for at 1 am after a few too many…you want to get home!
Decision #2 is better because it gets you home..however you leave your car behind. Do you really want to worry about overnight parking fees, vandalism or theft? Then there is the small matter of getting a return taxi ride in the morning to find your car..wasting your time and additional money..and finally getting it home.
Decision #3 will lead to jail, injury or death, loss of operating licence, fines etc., etc. You don’t want to chance that!
Now you have a better choice. For a fee less than a round trip taxi ride, a courteous, professional driver from Home Runners will pick you up and drive you home in your own vehicle. You get a snack and can even have us play your favorite cd. What could be better than that? This is an idea whose time has come. Home Runners Drivers have clean DMV licences and go through rigorous training in order to serve you and transport you home as efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves in setting the standard for transportation service!

Prices: $15 plus $3/mile for pick-ups in Portland, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Falmouth and Westbrook.
$25 plus $3/mile for remote pick ups outside of the above zone. Remote pickups subject to pre-approval and pre-payment depending on availability.