Below are some comments we’ve garnered previously.  

  • This is a great idea. – John M 
  • Home Runners is a marvelous new company and I’m very glad to see it’s conception come to life in the Portland-Metro area. Bravo!!  – Tonya J
  • Excellent! My driver, Mary, was very kind and professional. The drivers were there on time and everything was very smooth. I did give your # to several friends last night… well worth it to them as they live in Falmouth. Good pretzels too! I had an excellent experience with Home Runners, your staff was very courteous and enthusiastic and I will definitely use HR again!  ” – Kim
  • Your service is truly wonderful. I’m so glad that you did the driving. What I got, at a very good price, was a ride home that was safe for me, and more importantly, for everyone else, after I’d overindulged. You guys were amazingly courteous and professional and very nice folks to top it all off. Thanks again for having your service available; it provides a great public service, no doubt. There’s no reason for anyone to get behind the wheel who shouldn’t any longer. – Dave
  • Thanks again for the lift home. It was really inexpensive considering that my car arrived home too and there were no logistics problems to deal with in the morning.  ” – Greg
  • You guys rock! I used your service last night for the first time. what a-life saver: I appreciate it more then you will know–Keep up the good work I will use the service again for sure and tell all my friends about it–great idea, great people, couldn’t have asked for more: ” – Jim
  • I just wanted to thank you all for making our night out at the Brew Fest fun and hassle-free. It was so nice knowing when we went in, that we had a safe way to get us and our car back to Yarmouth. Our driver was waiting for us out front and we knew exactly where to find him ahead of time. He was also very tolerant of our laughter and comments from the back seat 🙂 A great night had by all! We will definitely keep your number on speed dial and tell everyone we can think of about your great service. Thanks again!  – Heather